I See Seafoam for My Summer Wedding Decor

With greenery all around, pick a color that will stand out.

Summer Wedding Bride & Groom
If having a summer wedding, consider you colors, like seafoam!

Summer is a big season for weddings. Everyone is happy, there is a greater possibility for an outdoor wedding and people are more likely to be able to take time off. There are also major holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July to plan your wedding around and there are so many fun outdoor activities that can be incorporated into your wedding such as swimming and hiking. Many summer brides tend to choose vibrant colors such as green or yellow as the primary colors for the wedding to mimic the festive mood of the season, so how do you still use that idea but stand out in a sea of green? Seafoam is a wonderful and often overlooked color that is perfect for a summer wedding!

A bit lighter and less bright than it’s Springtime cousin, mint, seafoam is a really unassuming and easily romanticized color. Seafoam is after all the mythical origin for the goddess of Love in Greek mythology so in a lot of ways it is perfect for a wedding: summer or otherwise. Seafoam is a refreshing color that pairs wonderfully with white and silver so it’s easy to keep your wedding classic and romantic but adding just a touch of whimsy and fun. Seafoam is a great color for the summer because it is reminiscent of surf and sand. It’s a really refreshing color, just seeing pops of this color is a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day. As well as pairing well with white and silver, traditional colors for a wedding, seafoam green also pairs well with other soft colors such as blush and lavender so it’s an easily adaptable color for a more funky and colorful wedding as well. Seafoam is a great color to bring to a destination wedding because it’s a color found in most tropical locations and using it as a primary color in other weddings will give you the feel of a destination wedding without the price tag. Use seafoam green on the seaside or to invoke the seaside wherever your wedding might take place — even indoors in the wintertime! Best of all, mint has been wildly popular and trending all over magazine spreads and runways but it’s more subtle and sophisticated cousin, seafoam green, is still fresh and new. You could be a real trendsetter!