How About a Sunflower Themed Wedding?

As summer starts to bloom, there’s one flower that we can’t get out of our heads.

Sunflower Wedding Theme

Heaven is a field of massive sunflowers, all slightly swaying in the breeze, their giant heads bobbing more and more precariously each day. It’s the perfect place to get lost in and the perfect symbol of eternal happiness. For all you fellow sun worshippers this iconic flower can be front and center at your wedding in more ways than you ever thought possible!

One of the best features of the sunflower is the price. Somehow less prized than rarer blooms such as peonies or roses, the sunflower assumes the role of a more common flower. More for you! Because of the price of sunflowers you can afford to use them in every part of your wedding to create a heavenly experience for you and your guests to always remember. While there is the option of getting married in a field of sunflowers, that can be a bit limiting. All your guests would have to stoop and you might get lost in the middle of your vows! You could get married adjacent to a field, which is perfect for getting lost in later or for taking pictures but this would have to depend on the weather which can always be fickle. If you are having an indoor wedding it’s easy to fill the venue with sunflowers or sunflower decorations.

Sunflowers are wonderful not just for their vibrant color but for their symbolism. While roses are serious and romantic, sunflowers are more vivacious and whimsical. A sunflower is perfect for a carefree bride who wants to have a fun wedding filled with memories. Roses will also always add a somber air whereas sunflowers can easily be styled as rustic or shabby chic especially if you include more of their stalks and leaves. Sunflowers also come in all different sizes and if you use them correctly you could have piles of massive sunflowers, their giant heads serving as the only decoration you need or each seat could come with a tiny sunflower perfect for a boutonniere.

If sunflowers start to become too expensive they also pair well with a variety of flowers. To keep up with consistency you can blend with similar colored flowers such as daisies or marigolds and to keep the textures alike you can try similarly big flowers such as hydrangeas or ranunculus.

Sunflowers also have a lot more versatility than a lot of flowers because they have medicinal and edible properties as well. You can use them as more than just decoration, you can also include them in your catering! A sunflower cake could be made using delicious sunflower oil and literal sunflower seeds are a delectable favor that everybody will want to take home.