Meet: Allure Bridals

Allure sets the stage for many brides and we are gaga for every gown that comes our way. Learn how this universal crowdpleaser came to be.

Allure Bridals Gown
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Allure Bridals is such a bestseller here at VOWS as many brides frequently ask for this designer by name. We have orderable as well as sample dresses and whenever we go on buys we have a hard time passing on an Allure gown. The name kind of says it all as every Allure gown somehow has such a unique wow factor. A focus on construction and a devotion to style makes these gowns a go to for us but their history and their range makes them a bridal fashion staple.

Allure representatives are known for saying that when it comes to reasons for buying an Allure gown it’s all about achieving a certain “look”. An Allure bride has a trademarked look of Allure and while it might seem like one of those, “you either have it or you don’t” kind of characteristics Allure begs to differ. What makes their gowns one of a kind is that they know how a gown can transform your image and the way you feel about yourself. Allure hopes that their gowns can help you achieve this signature look of Allure so that you feel like a million bucks on your wedding day, and at the same time they certainly don’t want you paying that much! Allure understands how important a wedding dress can be. It’s not just about what the dresses have come to symbolize: love and commitment but also just the fact that when you are wearing a wedding dress all eyes are on you! A bride is the center of attention and for a lot of people that can be a lot of pressure. In some ways the walk down the aisle is very similar to the walk down the runway and Allure wants to make sure you are dressed to impress. An Allure gown isn’t just about exceptional design and luxurious fabrics. They’re about making you feel confident and beautiful so you want all eyes on you (or at least the thought of that much attention doesn’t send you over the edge). Allure brides are every bride that is interested in having a little boost on her wedding day–bringing some extra va-va-voom that she may not have or can’t get enough of. Allure also believes that every bride deserves to have the chance to feel that way and so they do their best to price their dresses reasonably and retail worldwide.

For the bride who wants more, Allure is the place to go.

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