Trend Spotlight: Art Deco Wedding Gowns

Although wedding gowns are timeless and should be able to withstand the test of time they are still susceptible to trends. If you want an au courant wedding gown, don’t miss this feature.

Maggie Sottero Wedding Gown
Maggie Sottero bridal gown at the New York Bridal Fashion Week in October 2012.

When you stumble across your grandmother’s wedding gown do you think, “timeless” or do you laugh with your friends wondering, “how could they wear that!?”. Different brides have different priorities and while some may want their gowns to stand the test of time, wedding gown designers have some different ideas. While it might not seem like a great investment to buy into the latest wedding gown trends, it is also a cultural artifact that is reflective of it’s time. Sure Victorian lace necklines or enormously bloated sleeves might seem hilarious or ho-hum to us now but at the time those ladies were the leaders of the pack. Fashion needs to change and evolve and by buying into trendy wedding gowns you are helping it progress. Unless it’s important or a tradition in your family to donate or otherwise hand down your wedding gown, try for bold! Represent your natural style when wedding gown shopping and if you’re a person who loves the latest trends then don’t ignore that instinct!

Especially because there are such beautiful trends hitting the runway right now. Designers such as Maggie Sottero are taking a cue from the silver screen as the blockbuster epic “The Great Gatsby” sweeps the nation. Vintage style dresses reminiscent of the 1920s are all the rage right now and brides who are on trend are not ignoring this fact. So how can you invest in this new trend without breaking the bank or dressing like everyone else? Simple! Follow the same fashion rules of using accessories wisely and listening to your own instincts. Of course, here at VOWS we try to make that easy for you. The 1920s were a big era for fashion in a lot of ways. There was an age of decadence and there was a certain class of people who wanted to be as gilded as possible at all times. It was an era of newfound independence for women in particular as dressing up, embracing their sexuality and wearing makeup became something that even upper class women could enjoy without their reputation being disgraced. It was also an era of defiance as women could have shorter hemlines or sheerer fabrics. It was bold and decadent, which unsurprisingly translates very well into wedding dresses. This kind of fashion came to be called Art Deco which originated in Paris, of course and spread internationally throughout the next two decades. What made art deco so different and appealing is that it combined these two very different ideas of technology and progress by incorporating machine imagery with very beautiful and traditional craft motifs. It did its best to encapsulate the surge of progress and the way that people felt about it.

You too can relive the past by shopping these new trendy dresses, and you will find that they do stand the test of time as fashion always recurs.

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