Unlikely Wedding Theme Color Combination: Blue and Yellow

Blue & Yellow Wedding Decor
There are many different shades of both blues and yellows to be used for your wedding. Try mixing it up!

For a hip and modern wedding try unlikely and fresh color combinations like blue and yellow.

Think about it. Almost everyone you know has had or will most likely have a wedding. How are you supposed to come up with something new, fresh and modern when you have already attended or just seen the pictures of so many other weddings? It can be a difficult task and many people are not even up for the challenge but if you want to have a modern wedding one of the best ways to achieve that is through unlikely color combinations. The reasons why these combinations are unlikely is because they might not occur to you, or you might not see them paired together as regularly in fashion or in design. This might sound like a cause for concern but instead, take it as a reason to celebrate! With so many different hues and shades even the most unlikely of colors can find the perfect way to be together. Blue and yellow is an excellent example. It’s a combination you don’t often hear about or see in weddings but as soon as you think about it you can immediately imagine those colors going well together. Blue and yellow when done right makes a lasting impression and you rarely see it done wrong.

A softer blue with purple undertones is the way to go when pairing blue and yellow. Purple and yellow are a more common color combination so draw out the purple and pink undertones in a cooler, softer blue such as cobalt or royal blue pair very well with yellow but if you are more partial to a lighter blue with more green undertones then you have to adjust your yellow hues and expectations. When it comes to pairing colors the general rule of thumb is to pair contrasting shades or to see what brings out what in colors. This might not be something that you have to sit down and think about. Grab a palette of paint or look at test strips and try to match them and see what works and what doesn’t. While there is an exact science out there, your eyes might be just good enough. For a summer wedding you can channel nautical themes by using navy blue which pairs very well with light or dark kinds of yellow. Navy blue with lemon or light yellow accents is an amazing combination because the dark contrast of the navy blue makes the light yellow really pop or if you use a richer yellow like gold or marigold they meld to create a very stable and serene environment.

Play around with different shades and palettes and you’re bound to find something new and exciting!

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