Spotlight on Deals: Liv Harris & Pronovias

Pronovias Wedding Gown Show - Barcelona, Spain 2012
Pronovias Wedding Gown Show – Barcelona, Spain 2012

We’re known for our affordable wedding gowns but sometimes even we can’t believe these deals! Here is a gown you can’t miss.

Here at VOWS our mission is all about finding the best gowns for the best deals but sometimes even we have to admit that we have just outdone ourselves. Within our racks and racks of deals and steals though these dresses can get lost so this recurring feature will highlight one of our most affordable wedding gowns. They are judged on criteria such as design, designer and sheer value as well as size and alteration estimates. It’s the complete guide that you won’t want to miss!

We don’t want to brag too much but we love our Liv Harris line and we endeavor to create the best dresses for the best prices. While we don’t offer as much of a discount on Liv Harris dresses that’s because they have been designed with a discount in mind. We use the most opulent and decadent fabrice but because they are designed in-house and shipped directly to us we can cut out a little middle costs and give the deals directly to you. One of our bestselling Liv Harris dresses is this Full Skirt with sweetheart neckline. Probably what makes this dress so popular is its asymmetrically draped bodice which gives a slimming effect and draws attention to your natural waist. This dress will make you look as though you have an hourglass figure if you don’t have one or it will enhance the one you do have! It also just toes the line between modesty and sexy. It offers coverage, support and protection with the tightly fitted bodice but it shows you off at your best. This dress is made from the highest quality silk dupioni which is a fabric chosen because it gives you the most bang for your buck. Unlike regular silk this fabric is made from the threads of two different kinds of silk worms which makes the fabric a little bit hardier so it sews well and takes dyes well. This a silky white color with just a barely there touch of shimmer to give it luminosity but not glitter. This dress is all about the moderation, nothing too glitzy and nothing too sweet. Instead it finds itself right in the middle. It’s also a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle but will take creases very well. This makes it a little bit more amenable to alterations and means less work for you on your wedding day. You won’t need to bring your steaming iron everywhere with you if you decide on this dress.

Perfect for the no-fuss bride, it will turn you into an absolute princess but without having to sacrifice your kingdom!

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