Cocktail Spotlight, What’s Your Official Wedding Drink?

You’ve got to keep your guests hydrated, and cocktails are usually a big hit! In this feature we highlight some of the latest mixology trends to help you pick the right drink for your wedding.

Bride with Signature Cocktail Drink
Having a signature drink to serve during cocktail hour is a great way to leave guests with a lasting memory.

Whether you have a specific cocktail hour or a full bar at your wedding, drinks are probably a high priority not only in your wedding planning but also in what your guests are expecting. It’s a delicate balance between finding the perfect drink for your wedding and keeping it cost effective. In this feature we highlight some of the most current trends in mixology–especially for wedding related cocktails. These drinks are fun, fresh and flirty and they will leave you feeling the same way!

Mixology sounds like an art of fresh squeezed juices and rare liqueurs but it doesn’t have to be pricey or pungent. There are trends in the cocktail world that are super practical and budget friendly. For example giant, oversized ice cubes are very big in the bar scene right now. They gained popularity from a point of view of efficiency not only for the bartender but also for the person drinking the cocktail. Putting in one or two large ice cubes gets your drink cold fast and is an easy swipe of the hand for the bartender but it also helps you because these cubes will take longer to melt meaning they won’t dilute your drink as much but do just as good a job keeping your drink cold (if not a better job!) Ice cubes don’t have to be plain jane boring either! If you don’t want cocktails but want to serve hard liquor you can dress up drinks with pretty ice cubes. Think of adding food coloring (although go organic so you don’t affect the taste of the alcohol) to make your drinks match your wedding’s color palette or even add-ins! You can freeze flower petals into your ice cubes that will float delectably in the drink once the ice melts or look like veritable museum worthy pieces of art when they are still frozen. If you don’t want to splurge on a full bar then you can stick to one or two types of alcohol. Gin and vodka are big fan favorites for how versatile they are and for how many different flavors they can jive with. If you want to keep the bar small but the options plentiful try out this new trend of hip infused liquors. While it might sound complicated it’s really a breeze! Choose your favorite herb spice or flower, find it in its purest and most organic form and combine it with your favorite gin or vodka. Both of these liquors infuse well given their clear nature and adaptability. You could infuse with anything from lavender to rose petals but may we suggest following suite on a hot tip to teas? Matcha or green tea infused liquors feel fun and fresh on a nice summer’s day or a sweet tea infusion will make all your guests feel right at home.

Top shelf liquor is not required for a perfect wedding. With these fast and easy mixology tricks you will be up to date and under budget.

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