Destination Wedding, Let’s Take the Scenic Route!

Sometimes a location speaks for itself. Ditch the color palette and the decor, this wedding is all about the real estate.

Scenic Wedding with Bride & Groom
Destination weddings are the funnest marriages to attend, so if you can, you certainly should consider a scenic adventure for your big day! After all, you have countless options!

There are some places that just take your breath away. Whether it is a sunny private beach in the French Riviera or the mouth of an active volcano in Iceland, you are just simple awed by their beauty. Have you ever seen the sunrise over an empty carnival and wished you could have frozen time in that moment? You can capture that moment by planning to have your wedding at one of those scenic locations! Let the place that captured your heart be shared with everyone you love. There are so many benefits to planning and throwing a location-centered wedding.

Wedding details can get stuffy and nonsensical fast. Choosing a color palette is hard and then finding every little item to match that color palette is just exhausting. Especially when mother nature seems to have already chosen the most beautiful color palette at all. As more and more brides chose to have outdoor weddings and as the months get warmer here on the east coast, plan an outdoor wedding that is truly about your love for the great outdoors. In order for this to work you obviously need to scout the perfect location. You might already have a place in mind. It could be a clearing in the woods that are right outside your background–a place that you have taken long walks to with your honey. Or it could be the place where you met, maybe on a hike or cycling adventure. If there isn’t one place that stands out in your memory take this time to explore! The united states has much to offer in secluded beaches and dewy meadows. Choose a random location on a map and see if it’s got a dazzling stretch of desert or open plains that make it plain how much you love them. This is also a great excuse to take a vacation! If you’ve always wanted to see beyond the peaceful pine curtain or drink up the natural beauties of wine country take a pre-wedding, post-proposal vacation to scope out spots. The key to finding the right spot is seclusion naturally, overwhelming natural beauty and some openness. If you want your location to be the center of your wedding it makes more sense to get married on location so try to get as close to the lake or wherever as possible. This is not the time to rent a venue on the water or a cabin. This is a more intimate connection with nature. You don’t need a color palette or a lot of decor because this is a true outdoor wedding. Make it photo worthy by choosing the crest of a hill or a scenic backdrop for your ceremony and have the reception be casual, perhaps with a tent in case of rain or excessive wind.

Whatever it is, you do have to have an open mind for this kind of wedding to work but it’s perfect for an adventurous bride!

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