A Drama of Colors, Have You Picked Your Wedding Theme Colors Yet?

Colorful Wedding with Blue & Yellow
This wedding’s decor is utilizing a light shade of blue with a very complimenting yellow.

Red, white and black are kind of the most traditional colors for a wedding but in varying proportions they can be used to intensify or lower the drama factor of your wedding.

Wedding planning can be a lot like painting, especially when it comes to choosing and appropriating your color palette. Using red, white and black is the most common color palette but brides have been known to use those colors in such dramatically different ways. By using more or less of each color you can create anything from a classic romantic wedding to a modern dramatic wedding. Here are how to get your proportions just right.

White is sort of a filler, neutral color. Your gown is white so it’s easy to work in more white accents especially since a lot of wedding planning accoutrements also come basically in white. Your groom’s shirt, and maybe vest; there are a wide variety of white florals and tablecloths are kind of white by default. If you want to plan a more classic wedding than turn up the volume on the color white. If you want something a little bit more modern opt for starker whites with blue undertones but if you want something more romantic then opt for warmer whites like ivory or champagne that have yellow or orange undertones. You can use different shades of white in different parts of your wedding. For example to differentiate your dress from the decor you can choose a startling white dress with a crisp clean silhouette and decorate your wedding in eggshell or ecru or do the vice versa to have you be the main attraction. There isn’t just contrast in your gown, you can use contrast to your advantage in such things as seating arrangements. Alternate different shades of white tablecloths to differentiate tables and make it easier for guests to find their seat. Florals work in the same scale of severity. For a formal wedding definitely do not underestimate the beauty of perfectly bloomed and timed white long stem roses. They have the elegance of freshly fallen snow and when carefully preserved and presented they smell heavenly. Alternatively a more no-mess-no-fuss flower would be a camellia. Cute as a button these flowers will invoke a more laid back feel to your wedding. Contrasting florals is also an option or intermixing types of flowers in the same shade is advanced wedding planning that will make you look like a pro! In the same way that you can vary degrees of decor with the color white you can control the temperature of the room with very deftly applied strokes of red and black as well. For the most dramatic approach let your gown be the canvas and be so bold as to wear a black or red wedding dress. If not take a card from the red carpet and use super glam black or red accented accessories.

There are endless combinations with just three simple colors!

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