Ballroom Dancing, Do You Dream of a Classic Ballroom Wedding?

Modern or outdoor weddings are great but let’s not forget a classic ballroom wedding.

Bride in Ballroom Wedding Gown
If you intend on having a ballroom wedding, you ought to have a ballgown wedding dress to match!

While we have been profiling a lot of modern city weddings or romantic outdoor garden weddings lately we wanted to check in and pay homage to the classic ballroom wedding. Let’s not forget the princess weddings we may have dreamed off as children. These gorgeous weddings are inspired by movies like Cinderella or by books like Edith Wharton’s about high society ladies. Your tastes may have changed a lot as you got older but if there’s a little princess inside of you still you don’t have to compromise. You can still have the perfect ballroom wedding without it seeming childish or too primadonna. Throw an updated and yet still timeless ballroom wedding with the right attitude and these helpful tips.

Of course the number one item for a ballroom wedding is the right venue. Try for an actual ballroom and many of these exist at fancy hotels. Ritz Carlton, Plaza or Taj Hotels are international chains that are known for luxury and most likely have ballrooms that can be rented for a wedding but if those are out of your price range then local organizations may have function halls or big churches may have a ballroom or reception area. The key to a ballroom venue is luxurious floors usually made of marble or even hardwood but something that facilitates for the clicking of heels all over as you waltz the night away. Another important factor to consider is high ceilings for that regal feel but even with a regular ceiling the right decoration can make them feel extravagant. If you found the perfect venue but it doesn’t have a high ceiling opt for dramatic lighting to elongate the space. Think to use columns of light that come from the floor or keep the ceilings dim and the floors well lit to highlight the dancers moves and to draw attention away from the ceiling. In fact, a dimly lit ceiling can provide a very romantic backdrop to any fine evening. The second most important factor for a ballroom wedding is of course a ballgown. Ballgowns are still one of the most popular wedding gowns so it should not be too hard to find the perfect fit. If you are having trouble opt for small, fitted bodices with large full skirts for the maximum princess effect. If you would look to keep it a little more modest look for heavy fabrics like satin or silk organza to weigh down the skirt and give a more shapely silhouette. Some of our most popular ball gowns are this Jasmine full skirt which is tiered and has a removable layer for the most optimal dancing conditions or this Allure Bridals full skirt which is a forever kind of style.

Most importantly for a ballroom wedding: make sure to wear your dancing shoes!

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