Ways to Use Primary Colors in Your Wedding

Let the fundamental buildings blocks of color guide you in your wedding planning.

Wedding Flowers of Primary Colors
Using primary colors for your wedding decor is an easy and fun task, oh and by the way, they look great for flowers, table settings, and even favors for your wedding party.

It’s one of the first lessons that you learn in kindergarten: your primary colors. Red, yellow, and blue are the buildings blocks of all your favorite colors so why shouldn’t they also be the buildings blocks for your big day? A lot of brides shy away from such rich color palettes because it not only makes wedding planning more complicated but these three are also such bold colors. Well, while that might be true, with deft planning and coordination you can have a brighter wedding day celebration that is simple and cheerful.

The biggest and best reason to use the primary colors as the palette for your wedding is because they hearken back to an earlier and more enjoyable time in your life. Not only are these colors associated with childhood because that’s where you first learned of their purpose but they are the colors typically used in children’s clothing and toys. This is not an accident. These colors are stimulating and call attention to themselves which is amusing for children and can be a very powerful weapon in the hands of the right bride. We recently saw a very modern and sophisticated New York City wedding that used touches of these bold colors for an updated and up to date wedding. In some ways weddings are the easiest events to add color to since the colors usually used are black and white which can go with pretty much any color. In art black and white are often used as the background to showcase primary colors so treat your wedding planning like a painting. The bride in this case wore an elegant two piece gown in ivory with little to no embroidery but a touch of eyelet and the groom opted for a standard tuxedo but let his tie be cobalt blue which added an unexpected twist of color. Let your personalities shine by using them to ground these unexpected pops of color. They created a beautiful painted skyline of the view from their rooftop venue using only these primary colors and used it as a photo background but for the less bold or less creatively inclined you could do anything from polka dots to stripes to just bursting florals. With floral technology at its height flowers naturally in these colors and dyed are available for your wedding. Irises are naturally occurring blue flowers, green stems or dandelions are always a go to and don’t forget red roses! Especially if you are looking to add a mature grown up factor to a primary colors shindig.

Trust us, nothing about a primary colors themed wedding will look “grade-school”, especially when everyone sees you in that stunning white dress amidst all the color.

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