Anthropologie Major – Wedding Decor & Inspiration

Plan a wedding inspired by one of the most beautiful retailers — Anthropologie!

Anthropologie Wedding Decor
Anthropologie Wedding Decor

There’s one store that always stands out in Boston’s most luxe shopping district, Newbury Street. This colossal retailer always seems small and inviting even though it comprises multiple floors and is an international chain. It’s probably because every dress feels like it’s one of a kind and their ever changing decor is something you would want in your home forever. That store is Anthropologie and it is world renown for its eclectic style and simple charms. While they do not carry specific bridal gowns or accessories many brides have found it to be a destination for exceptional decor items, beautiful bridesmaids dresses and a veritable font of inspiration. Recently on a popular wedding blog we saw a bride plan an Anthropologie inspired wedding and with such beautiful results here’s how to do the same.

The main tenets of Anthropologie decor is the color scheme. It is not typically girly like other high fashion retailers but instead it is complex and eccentric. These can be tough colors to pull off, especially for a wedding but have faith that the details will work out. Some good color combination choices for this theme would be teal, orange and navy or coral and green. Think dark and floral colors, maybe seventies inspired. Anthropologie has a vintage or retro aesthetic so shopping in thrift stores or taking a look at fashion editorials from decades past especially at the sixties and seventies will give you some great ideas. It all starts with your invitation suite. While Anthropologie does not provide custom printing it does sell many kinds of stationery and lettering. You might not be able to put together an invitation suite from the products available, depending on the size and scope of your wedding but taking paper products you like to a printer you can help to create or customize an invitation suite inspired by Anthropologie paper products. Subdued florals, embossed gold lettering and polka dots are just some ideas to help you get started. In the springtime an Anthropologie inspired wedding could easily by an outdoor garden party but for an indoor wedding or other times of year think of subdued soft color palettes in a floral inspired atmosphere. Long farm tables work indoors or outdoors and by keeping them bare or adding knick-knacks from the store itself you can achieve the desired effect. Lots of tchotchkes and embellishments are key to mimicking the store’s signature aesthetic but also spaced out. You don’t want tables to look cluttered, just full and interesting.

Of course planning an Anthropologie inspired wedding is not about paying homage to your favorite shopping spot. It’s about taking some of that whimsical and romantic image they do so well and appropriating it for your big day.

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