The Big Wedding, Issues with Planning a Grand Event

Finally! Hollywood gets just how hard it is to plan a wedding. Are you aching to see the new movie The Big Wedding or does it hit too close to home?

The Big Wedding Movie
Planning a big wedding is much more stressful, but with the right help and advice, you’ll manage!

Planning a wedding is hard enough but a big wedding has its own set of problems. When family, and all of it, gets involved there are so many pasts to compete with and so many issues that feel as though they need to resolve. Before you start tearing out your hair and looking for a place to elope maybe you should take a seat in a movie theatre! The latest blockbuster from Hollywood studios is all about the problems of throwing a big wedding and it is sure to be hilarious!

Starring Topher Grace, Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon, The Big Wedding is aptly titled and full of hijinks. The plotline is that two parents who have been long divorced and are in other committed relationships have to pretend to be married for the weekend of their adopted son’s wedding. There are so many elements at play in this movie and it seems that everything that can go wrong, does. Topher Grace plays the main character who is set to marry the beautiful Amanda Seyfried but he has a more complicated family situation than most. His character’s parents are divorced and while the mother is still bitter the father has moved on: to her former best friend. Old wounds are aired out and dirty laundry is exposed when these two characters interact. The movie excels in how even though the situations are taken to the extreme for comedic effect they are still somehow completely relatable. Many people worry about divorced parents at family events and milestones and a wedding is the biggest one. Topher Grace’s character has one unbelievable complication though in that his biological mother is coming from Colombia to attend his wedding and she believes that divorce is a cardinal sin. Topher Grace reveals that he has been lying to her for years and beseeches his parents to try to keep up the act but they find it harder and harder to pretend as the weekend drags on for what seems like forever. It’s definitely in the realm of typical Hollywood romantic comedy but the movie is also sincere and earnest. There are many situations that real life brides can relate to and of course all of the costuming is to die-for.

For stressed out brides or future grooms looking to take a little break from wedding planning this movie is a must see. Hitting box offices at the end of April get two tickets to at least experience every worst case scenario and be reassured that your getting hitched will go off without a hitch.

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