How to Plan the Perfect Vintage Outdoor Wedding

A vintage wedding doesn’t have to be a musky indoor affair! You can bring it outside with a few essential pieces.

Outdoor Victorian Theme Wedding
When the weather is just right, there’s no better wedding than an outdoor marriage, but how about adding a vintage twist?

Vintage inspired weddings can be fabulous affairs. Especially with the release of period pieces such as The Great Gatsby or with the success of shows such as Mad Men, vintage inspired weddings grow more and more popular. There’s something very saccharine about a longing for the past and it can oftentimes be over-saturated or really take over an entire wedding. In order to keep a vintage wedding light and breezy, throw a vintage inspired wedding outdoors! It can seem an impossible task to account for all of these details but with a few big pieces your wedding will be reminiscent of better times and have the promise of more good times to come.

For a truly inspired vintage themed wedding definitely hit local and out of town thrift stores. Talk to people you know about furniture and flea markets because if you invest in a few good pieces for your wedding you could not only resell them afterwards but even keep them as wonderful additions to your new home that will always make you remember this wonderful day. Adding upholstered furniture to an outdoor affair could be messy but if you keep it for photo purposes or off to the side it can be worth it. We have seen couples use everything from oversize Victorian sofas to large armchairs. They can be a great place for you to rest your feet and will bring that sense of home to the great outdoors. Another must have for a vintage inspired wedding is vintage trunks. They make amazing table spaces for you to display small objects such as escort cards or to place a guestbook and they also double as beautiful decoration. Trunks are always a wonderful investment as you could easily use them in your house or for travel.

A vintage inspired wedding is all about evoking nostalgia from the happy years gone by and it will ensure many happy years to come.

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