The Modern Outdoors, How to Combine Bridal Colors with an Outdoor Wedding

There are a lot of rules in wedding planning but here’s an idea that breaks all of them. Let loose by combining modern colors with the great outdoors.

Outdoor Wedding with Bride & Groom in Wheat Field
One of the aspects of an outdoor wedding to keep in mind is the decor and how to compliment the natural surroundings with your wedding colors.

There are a lot of rules in wedding planning, some unspoken and some actually written. Etiquette books are long out of fashion though and even the idea of a white wedding is being challenged now so it’s the perfect time to break some of those rules! There seems to be this notion that black and white or green and cobalt: sophisticated color combinations are somehow reserved for spaces and venues that are just as sophisticated. No wedding planner would dare bring a plum and navy combination to an outdoor or romantic inspired wedding, which is just too bad. Recently we have seen some gorgeous outdoor, roll in the hay kind of weddings with these supposedly sophisticated color palettes and the effect was far from jarring. In fact, it was actually quite pleasing!

Black and white is kind of the oldest and most traditional palette for a wedding if you think about it. You wear white and he wears a black tuxedo, why not plan around that? You could even break tradition by reversing the roles or joining your man in a black or at least black accented gown. A black sash can be very slimming in just the right place and black diamonds or black gems in jewelry will shine in ways you could have never imagined. The sophisticated color palette will act as a contrast to your natural setting. In one of our favorite weddings, the beautiful couple in black and white were surrounded by a field of golden wheat. Black and white and gold look spectacular together and are often a favorite of sports teams. Why not for your wedding? A garden wedding is open to all ranges of colors. If you want to use an outlandish combination such as grey and chartreuse it won’t look weird or too modern if you echo those colors in your florals. A bright green bouquet tied with a hefty grey ribbon? That would look stunning against a white wedding dress!

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