Did Someone Say Peaches and Cream Wedding Theme?

Get yourself a dose of some of that Georgia sunshine by having a peaches and cream themed wedding. It will be sweet to the last drop!

Peaches & Cream Wedding Theme
Peach and cream colors compliment each other very well, just like a delicious bowl of peaches and cream!

Georgia is known for its rich heritage in American history, it’s balmy weather and most of all its peaches! If you don’t live there or you don’t want to have your wedding there you can still have the attitude with a peaches and cream themed wedding. Aside from their affiliation with the great state of Georgia, peaches are beautiful, plump juicy fruits that symbolize fertility and happiness. Not only are they delicious but they are a gorgeous and iconic color that looks absolutely divine in combination with white or cream. So perfect for a wedding!

A peaches and cream themed wedding would do best to be an outdoor wedding. While peach is a fascinating color during the daytime it does not hold up as well to more the more somber colors that a nighttime or indoor wedding would call for. An outdoor wedding or a daytime wedding with lots of light is the perfect kind of setting for a peaches and cream theme to really shine. If you want to take it to the next level then opt for a peach colored dress! Colored wedding gowns are all the rage these days and a peach gown is perfect for the most prissy princess or the sophisticated modern woman. If you want to dilute or diffuse the differentiation of color a ball gown style with piecey tulle will look hazy and peachy as opposed to a satin sheath or A-Line where the color will become the primary focus. If you aren’t ready for a colored wedding gown you can add accents to your dress such as a peach belt or wear peach jewelry like enamel bracelets and earrings. Your stationery is also an easy way to commit to this theme. Play with having a peach background below white embossed text for save the dates and the converse for more formal invitations.

A peaches and cream themed will look as good as it sounds!

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