Cocktail Hour Event at Your Wedding

There are so many events and ceremonies and receptions during a wedding, is there still a time and a place for a cocktail hour?

Cocktail Hour at Wedding Reception
Cocktail hour is a great way to encourage your wedding guests to mingle and get to know one another.

Cocktails are always a great way to get the party going. Unfortunately a lot of weddings seem like endless parties and there might not even be a time or place for cocktails anymore. A cocktail hour is an informal and low pressure time for guests to socialize amongst themselves, maybe for the different sides of the invite list to get to know each other and to keep guests entertained while you either have some time to yourself or maybe join the party to have some real conversation or to get some facetime with everyone you have invited. It’s not about deciding whether or not you want to have a cocktail hour as much as it is about deciding when and where to have a cocktail hour.

Think of a cocktail hour as time well-spent when there seems to be no time at all. Many brides choose to have a cocktail hour before the ceremony when they are rushing to finish getting dressed or stressing out over last minute details. Instead of keeping guests waiting or seated awkwardly as latecomers trickle in a cocktail hour keeps things fluid and low-key. It’s perfect for when you just need a moment to go ahead and let your guests take that moment and now you don’t have to worry about them. Another time that might be good for a cocktail hour would be directly after the ceremony. Let everyone, including yourself, absorb everything that just happened and give them a little breathing room before the reception. This might also be a good time to sneak away for a photoshoot! Cocktail hours are great for letting guests socialize amongst themselves but it could also be an alternative to a receiving line. Instead of the formality of having everyone wait to see and speak with you in uncomfortable silence, a cocktail hour could be a less formal way of meeting and greeting your guests. Right after the ceremony you will be buzzing with energy and absolutely glowing, maybe it’s time to spread that around!

Cocktails can be inexpensive and abundant so try to find a time and place for them in your wedding.

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