Rock ‘n Roll Wedding Theme & Colors

With more and more details about Kate Winslet’s hush-hush wedding to Ned Rocknroll being released, we’re all dreaming of a rock ‘n roll wedding.

Woman in Black Wedding Gown
If it’s a “rock ‘n roll” wedding-theme you’re after, a black wedding dress can be the perfect compliment.

Move over Bianca and Mick Jagger! There is a new king and queen of rock ‘n roll weddings and it looks like it is Kate and Ned Rocknroll. The son of the Virgin tycoon Richard Branson, Ned had his last name legally changed to reflect his lifestyle and interests. It seems to have really worked for twice married actress Kate Winslet because she thinks Ned is the one. They got married in a quiet ceremony in December but the press is just now getting wind of all the wedding details and they are so juicy! Inspired by recent magazine covers and leaked photos of the wedding, we’re just dying to plan our own rock ‘n roll wedding!

It of course, starts with a black dress. Or at least a dress with black accents. Rock ‘n roll is all about pushing the envelope and about testing out the boundaries. Shirk tradition and wear a black wedding dress. Black is such a glamorous and flattering color, we promise you will look nothing but stellar. Kate sure did! A black wedding dress takes lots of confidence and a “devil may care” attitude so we suggest keeping the accessories light but the heels high! Maybe for the most daring of brides we could suggest combat boots? As for your groom, make sure he look sleek and suave in a well-tailored tux. Keep it jet black even for the vest and shirt and tie. As you rock the runway while walking toward him on the aisle he just needs a sly smile. Every rocker has to keep his cool. Don’t let your wedding turn into an episode of the Addams Family though. Black need not be the predominant color. Match with cream, but avoid white and maybe throw in some maroon and ivory.

Emulate Kate or give a nod to Dylan. Rock is about the attitude so embrace it!

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