A Warm Welcome to Your Wedding via Gift Bags

Have you thought about having welcome bags at your wedding? What would you put in them?

Woman with Wedding Bag
Small tokens of appreciation are often give to wedding guests, but perhaps you should take it to the next level with a gift bag?

Imagine the perfect, five-star, destination wedding experience. You travel to a tropical locale, you are greeted with cocktails at hugs upon arrival and waiting for you in your luxurious hotel room is a welcome bag filled with goodies to help you get through the weekend and to remember this wedding forever. Well we wish every wedding was like that but that’s not the goal of every wedding. It’s not supposed to be a vacation for the guests, although that can be a nice bonus. It’s supposed to be a celebration of commitment and love. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a happy medium though and that guests can’t receive some love as well. Welcome bags are a welcome treat. They are a great way to start things right and to set a tone of warm acceptance for your guests but you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

Welcome bags can seem more appropriate or necessary for destination weddings or for larger weddings but smaller weddings and even shorter weddings can mean a better welcome bag! What is it though? It’s typically a few tokens of appreciation and commemoration for your wedding. A good welcome bag is itself a keepsake. Try a tote bag printed with your wedding date or if your wedding is small enough customized for the guest’s name. Make it even more reusable by keeping the message vague like, “thank you” or “we appreciate you”. Lingerie bags or shopping bags are other common welcome bags. How many items should be in there? You decide! It could be one big item or it could be a few small things but really no more than five items. You don’t want to give away everything! Remember there are wedding favors as well.

If you approach the concept openly and creatively there will be welcome bags for any style and budget!

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