Antiques Roadshow for Your Wedding Photographs

Display your favorite hobbies in your engagement photos, even if it’s something like antiquing!

Engagement Photography Advice
Engagement photos are just as memorable as the official wedding shoot, so make sure you find a great location and look your best!

Engagement photo shoots aren’t something that every couple feels like they should engage in because they might feel unnecessary or indulgent but in fact they can be some of your most treasured memories! What is so fun about an engagement photo shoot is that unlike your wedding photos, it is a far less serious and formal task (for most, at least). Wedding photos are iconic and treasured forever but engagement photos are fun and can be useful in other ways such as serving as favors or as save-the-date cards. Think of it this way: it’s rare to book a photographer or have professional photos done in your lifetime yet they become a part of your legacy. These are photos that will stand the test of time and be seen be generations to come so why not indulge? You are at your happiest after your engagement and though you might be a little stressed an engagement photo shoot can be very lowkey.

Especially if it involves you doing your favorite things! Sometimes engagement photos can tell more about a couple than wedding photos can. Wedding photos are often formal and stiff or staged because it is a monumental event and you do want to get it right but engagement photos are little bit more low-pressure. When couples have fun with them and choose an interesting location or activity for their engagement shoot it often results in the best pictures. Many couples have come together over a common shared activity and recently that activity seems to be thrift shopping or antiquing! Entire television series have been developed over the love that people have for this activity and it’s such a fun one to do together. Thrift shopping or antiquing is often described as different from regular shopping because there is some aspect of sport or competition. It’s about finding the best deals or about scoring rare items that are perhaps part of a growing collection. If this a hobby you share with your soon to be partner consider finding a well curated thrift shop as the location for your engagement shoot. Locally owned or independently operated stores are often accommodating (especially if you find that you will be shopping there or even just giving them some good press) as long as you don’t take up their entire day. Definitely clear it with them and your photographer first.

Take a day to shop around, not just for precious antiques but also for a location for your engagement shoot!

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