Getting Married? Why Not Tie the Knot in Nauticals?!

The perfect recipe for a nautical themed wedding.

Nautical Wedding Theme
A nautical-themed wedding doesn’t necessarily mean getting married on a boat.

As the weather gets warmer all things outdoors become more and more viable options. It gets harder to return to work after a lunch break on a patio and it becomes harder to make dinner over the stove when the grill and setting sun are so alluring. One of the staples of warmer weather, especially on the East Coast, is a culture shaped by the water and by sailing! Boats, rigging and sails might not sound too romantic or like the perfect venue for a wedding but even if your wedding is happening indoors in the winter, a nautical theme is always welcome and easy to pull off!

In essence a nautical themed wedding is just a classic navy and white color palette. Many parts of your wedding will naturally be white including your dress and maybe your florals or tablecloths. If you add touches of navy such as in napkins or accessories you’ve easily got the beginning to a nautical themed wedding. It is the perfect theme because it’s so easy to do, it harkens back to centuries of tradition and those two colors just look so good together! They manage to look very sophisticated and classic but also retain a spirit of whimsy–just like the ocean itself. Retain that feeling and imagery in the details of your wedding to add more elements of a nautical theme. Your invitation suite is a great place to start. Not just the use of navy and white texts but also imagery such as an anchor or sailors knots are very cute. An anchor symbolizes stability and commitment while sailors knots show togetherness and a bond. They are perfect images for the event in which you are celebrating love and commitment but they aren’t overdone or too saccharine. A nautical wedding is one that your fiance will probably be very happy to help plan and he might have a lot of useful insight or ideas especially if he has any experience on the water.

This theme has endless possibilities and because in many places dedicated seamen can sail year round so too can this theme be used for every season. An outdoor wedding could call for a real boat or maybe just some bits of rigging involved in your florals perhaps whereas an indoor wedding could easily incorporate the signatures colors and flavors. Commitment to this theme can range from all the way including a seafood dinner to low using just the spirit or the color palette. Its diversity surely makes it fit for everyone.

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