A Crown of Flowers for Your Springtime Wedding!

The ultimate springtime accessory done in all the right ways.

Crown of Flowers on Bride
Springtime is nearly everyone’s favorite time of year, so why not take advantage of the florals that are produced during this season?

A springtime wedding is all about the florals but that doesn’t mean that the flowers are just for decoration. Sure you should have aisles draped in vines and centerpieces overflowing with blossoms but what about your dress and your hair? They shouldn’t be left out! While a dress made entirely of tiny jasmine is probably out of the question, fresh florals in your hair will make you smell heavenly and you will look like an angel to match.

A crown of flowers can be complicated or overwhelming but a single rosebud is very simple and easy to pull off. Tuck a spray of baby’s breath into a chic chignon to soften the look or add a hibiscus flower just behind your ear with long, loose curls to look like a romantic beach goddess. Tiny flowers such as marigolds can adorn a long and sensual braid easily. Very medieval in style you will look like the original virginal brides especially when paired with a flowing chiffon sheath dress. If you have enough hair or would like to spring for extensions then a long, thick braid with flowers in every plait is wonderful and harkens back to simpler time. If you want to be more bohemian with your braids you can braid a crown across your forehead that is punctuated with chrysanthemums or ends in a large dahlia. Multiple small braids throughout flowing locks can each be tied with windflowers at the end like chimes or they can all be braided together for a multidimensional plait. Flowers and braids have endless possibilities but for the bold of heart and free of spirit emulate fairytales with dandelion flower crowns or a more grown up professional made wreath of azaleas.

Flowers in your hair adds so many dimensions of beauty and will make you the queen of springtime.

Image license: Creative Commons (view source)