Reem Acra, A Global Fashion Phenomenon

The woman, the legend, and the icon: Reem Acra offers a global perspective on bridal fashion.

Reem Acra Bridal Gown Designer
Reem Acra is highly regarded as one of the world’s leading fashion designers, not just in bridal attire.

Reem Acra has become one of the biggest designers in the bridal and eveningwear industry. The eponymous fashion company named after its creator is known not only for formal and luxe creations but is also now expanding into ready to wear, accessories and haute couture. Celebrities walk red carpets in Reem Acra designs and brides get married wearing veils, gowns and even jewelry designed by Reem Acra. Her name has become synonymous with her creations and that is about the highest praise anyone could give.

Imbuing all of her designs with a sense of “global glamour” is Reem Acra’s motivation. She has and always had an innate fashion sense which she unselfishly shares with the world through all of her designs. She, herself, has an intractable European sense of style and she uses her understanding of not only what looks beautiful but also what feels beautiful to create flowing masterpieces in the very best silks and chiffons. Although all of her designs come from a place of magisterial luxury, Reem Acra is not behind the time. She uses her expertise in fashion to keep the clothes modern, light and fresh so that they are perfect for any and every occasion. The democracy of Reem Acra’s bridal line is astounding as everyone from royalty to celebrities to just the average style seeking women can not only afford the ethereal looks but would feel right at home in them. Relatively new Reem Acra launched her fashion business in 1997 and she started with a bang. Concentrating her efforts on a bridal collection, Reem Acra was a breakout success. Her line was praised for its elegance and impeccable design with an unheard of attention to detail. After six years of improving upon her bridal line and making a name for herself Reem Acra made headway in the ready to wear industry and it received similar praise. Though ready to wear was a different market with different needs Reem Acra found the public was very receptive to her concepts of understated and ornate elegance.

Reem Acra bridal designs are easy to spot–they’re the ones that will make you feel like a member of royalty when you wear them.

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