Have You Considered a Grill and Chill On Your Wedding Day?

What do you think when you think barbecue? Is it a bib stained with ribs and smoky air? Well banish that thought because this year, barbecue is going glam! Many brides are choosing to have barbecue at their weddings and receptions and they aren’t donning bibs or clawing through piles of crayfish. They are still looking classy while getting sassy.

BBQ Shrimp at Wedding Reception
BBQ doesn’t necessarily mean messy food, shrimp, steaks, even roasts are all easy and inexpensive to have prepared on the grill

As the weather gets warmer there is probably only one thing on your groom’s mind and that is barbecue! He wants to throw some meat on the grill as soon as he gets home and he wants to coat it all in some delicious homemade barbecue sauce. Heck, it’s not him, nobody can resist the temptation of barbecue. It’s such a delicious comfort food and on the warmest of days it is a great way to spend time together. Not only is the food very tasty but it’s a most people’s favorite and they have great memories associated with barbecue. Why should that be separate from your wedding? Especially if barbecue is your favorite food and it’s a big tradition in your family? A lot of brides feel like they have to have fancy catering at their wedding but if we’re all just craving some burgers straight from the grill then your wedding day is no day to deny yourself. Don’t worry about your wedding going down the drain though, there are a lot of ways to make barbecue as classy and sophisticated as you want it to be. For starters, if you are afraid of smoke or red stains on your white dress you can have the ribs prepared elsewhere. Off the premises or to the side where the smoke can’t get in your eyes. Catering companies are open to all sorts of ideas and are their to make sure you get your favorite food on your big day so just ask around until you find the one that works for you.

It doesn’t need to turn into a hoedown in order for you to chow down, although that could be pretty fun as well!

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