Fruit & Flowers, How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Wedding

Spring blooms aren’t strictly for tulips and daisies, don’t forget the beauty before the fruit.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Flowers
A fun wedding idea is to serve fruits and to use their flowers for decor, rather than unrelated florals.

One of the most loved spring flowers are cherry blossoms. Vivid in color and with divine aromas people come from all over the world to celebrate their blooming and they are of course perfect for weddings in that way as well. Cherries aren’t the only fruit worth picking though, in fact, leave all the fruit behind. If you are planning a spring wedding overlook daisies and buttercups–that’s what everyone else is doing. Instead get a hankering for nature’s candy and use blossoms, or the flowers of fruit instead.

Blossoms are so sweet by nature. They are usually the fruits associated with summertime such as peaches and plums but in springtime they are in another beautiful and useful part of their lifestyle. If you are located in the northeast like us, apple blossoms are beautiful this time of year. Did you know that apples are actually in the same botanical family as the rose? You’ll be getting your money’s worth to use apple blossoms in your wedding because in a lot of ways they are as elegant and romantic as a rose but they are also more abundant and affordable as well. Don’t think you’re compromising to use apple blossoms. These flowers are just as sweet and smell even better than roses. Blossoms need to be pollinated in order to bear fruit so they tend to have delicious aromas that are not only irresistible to honey bees! For a fragrant and affordable wedding blossoms are a great way to go. Look for locally grown fruit to know what kind of blossoms are going to be the easiest and most budget-friendly for you. If you live in the northeast then apple blossoms are everywhere making them easier for florists to source and more price-effective for you. With room in your budget for quality you can go for quantity! You can get twice as many blossoms as you could have gotten roses and so make the best use of them!

Use entire branches of blossoms for an unexpected and rustic look or use just the sweet flowers to make your entire venue feel heavenly perfumed. Blossoms are the perfect spring flower for your wedding!

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