So Sick of Looking at You… Wedding Dress!

You bought your dress too far in advance or it’s a case of alterations gone awry. Whatever the cause, what can you do if you start to hate your wedding gown?

Wedding Gown Shopping
Be careful not to shop for your wedding gown too early, as styles, tastes, and even your figure may change.

Oh no, it’s happened. The unthinkable. You have been staring at your gown in your closet every day as you get ready for work or to go on a hot date with your fiance and everyday the gown is going deeper and deeper into the depths of your closet. Soon, you can’t even see it anymore but you can’t get it off your mind either–and not in a good way. Whatever the reasons, whether it is alterations gone awry or that you never really loved it in the first place what are you supposed to do if you begin to hate your wedding gown and your big day is fast approaching?

One of the big reasons why you might start to dislike your gown is the exhaustion of the alterations and fitting process. Maybe you lost some beloved detail that really sold the dress for you or maybe the fit you thought you wanted wasn’t as much of a dream come true as you thought it was going to be. If this is the reason why your dress is seeming less appealing to you then do not despair! Alterations can seem pretty permanent and irreversible and in a lot of ways they can be but change isn’t always a bad thing. If you lost some pretty embroidery in the bodice as you had your dress taken in see if you can add a belt or accessory that will liven up the dress again. If the fit doesn’t seem as flattering ask if it can be let out again in certain places or try additions such as sleeves, straps or a beautiful, long train. Another big reason for disliking your gown might be that you never liked it very much in the first place. While it may sound ridiculous to some that brides would purchase a gown they didn’t love but under pressure from in-laws or having an appointment overrun by opinionated bridesmaids can make for some bad decisions.

All hope is not lost though! The damage can be reversed!

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