Shapely Silhouettes: Sheath Wedding Gowns

Sheath gowns run the gamut and lucky for you because that means there is one that will look just perfect on you.

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Watters Trumpet Wedding Gown
Watters Trumpet Wedding Gown
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Sheath is the silhouette with the most amount of variation. Sheath gowns by nature are straight and oftentimes narrow which can look divine on a tall frame or someone with an athletic build. On shorter women or more curvy women though sheath gowns can have dwarfing or unflattering effect. Luckily there are lots of different types of sheath gowns such as mermaid and trumpet which suit the kind of woman who is loud and proud and wants to show off what she’s got!

Regular sheath dresses fall straight down and when using the right fabrics and embellishments this can be a lovely and romantic silhouette. If you have long legs or are trying to hide a few extra inches around the hips then these gowns can be very forgiving. However if you have an hourglass figure and you are ready to let the world know about it try a mermaid or trumpet gown which also fall under the category of a sheath gown. If you pull a sheath gown in at different places or add a little flare at others then you will get one of its many variations. A mermaid gown is close to the body all the way down. Locking down your bodacious curves a mermaid gown sensually hugs you from your bust all the way to down past your knees sometimes. Mermaid gowns are all glamour and the flare below the knee will give you unheard of length if you are worried about a petite structure. Trumpet gowns on the other hand are more like sheath dresses in that they are flattering on a variety of different body types and their flare happens around mid-thigh and oftentimes very gradually.

Some of the most va-va-voom sheaths we have are this elegant Vera Wang Mermaid or this pretty Watters Trumpet.