Shapely Silhouettes: A-Line Wedding Gowns

With a little more variation than a full-skirt, A-Line gowns are for most everyone.

A-line Wedding Gown by Vera Wang
A-line Wedding Gown by Vera Wang
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Everyone is telling you that silhouette is an extremely important factor in picking the right gown but sometimes it is hard to know exactly what that means. There are so many different types and variations in those types with all kinds of funny names like “mermaid” and “trumpet”. Thankfully, A-Line is not that complicated but for those who haven’t that much experience with gown shopping (and who does really?) it can at first sound like a part of the New York City Transportation Authority. Don’t worry. It is, in fact, the type of gown silhouette that is most often universally flattering. So that’s good news for you–unless you’re trying to head up-town.

They say that A-Line gowns are perfect for women who don’t have a very great grade between their measurements. If the difference between your bust, waist and hip measurements is mere inches, then an A-Line is ultra flattering. It will make you look slim and svelte on your wedding day no matter your perception of your size and shape. If you have broad shoulders then show them off. Find an A-Line that will emphasize your your toned athletic build with an open neckline. Something cut straight across or a deep-V with long sleeves is beautiful. You can pull off a halter neckline no problem and if you are getting married on the beach then this is welcome news for you! A-Line gowns have a lot more leeway with necklines than other styles and so whatever your favorite part of your body is an A-Line gown will find a way to make people drool! A-Lines are all about flexibility so if you have always wanted an hourglass figure, find an A-Line that has a fitted bodice and create a sexy illusion!