Shapely Silhouettes: Full Skirt Wedding Gowns

Are you a broccoli or plum tomato? Forget magazines articles comparing your body to produce and find the kind of dress that’s right for you.

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Maggie Sottero Bodice Back Wedding Gown
Maggie Sottero Bodice Back Wedding Gown.
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Fashion magazines and beauty blogs loves to compare your one-of-a-kind “precious temple” of a body to things you could find in your vegetable drawer. What does it even mean to be squash shaped? It all just sounds insulting and makes you mildly crave a summer salad. Well put the vegetables where they belong, and understand what makes you special and how best to show it off. We all have assets, part of our body that we love. Let’s focus on those parts instead of the parts we wish there was a workout for or that the media is telling is to hate. If you are a busty woman, sing it loud and proud. Sure jogging might not be your favorite activity, but don’t say a night at the bar is ever uneventful. Show off those curves, keep it classy and look your best on your wedding day in a Full-Skirt gown.

The most common wedding gown silhouettes are full-skirt, A-Line and sheath–in fact, we arrange the dresses in our store by silhouette to make it easier for you to find the dress that’s right for you! While there are many variations within each silhouette, full-skirt gowns are the ones with the least range of change. A full-skirt gown flares at the natural waist or maybe even slightly above and it flares for its life! Usually stuffed with tulle a full-skirt is the perfect picture of a wedding gown. If your best asset is your bust a full-skirt will balance it out instead of making it stand out in a vulgar way. If you choose a sweetheart neck especially a full-skirt will show off your curves without actually showing them to anyone but your sweetie. A full-skirted gown is also great for really tall or statuesque women who can carry off the volume effortlessly.

Some of our full-skirt bestsellers are this luscious Vera Wang in a soft peach or this Maggie Sottero with a bodice back.