Textured Veils. Have You Considered What Type of Veil You’ll Wear at Your Wedding?

Show off your personality in every part of your wedding, even your veil. Consider a textured veil.

Circular Cut Wedding Veil
Circular Cut Wedding Veil
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Even though a bridal veil is an essential part of the bridal look and can really bring an ensemble together, they are often times overlooked or considered as an afterthought. For the expressive bride, this is a big mistake. Just because veils are a necessity doesn’t mean that they are boring! They have so much potential, so make sure to utilize it all. Try a textured veil to add some va-va-voom to your wedding. Every part of this day is a way to show off who you are and what’s important to you so why let the veil be an exception?

A textured veil actually has a pretty broad description. For some it can just be veering away from traditional veil fabrics for bolder choices. Veils are typically made of tulle. Rougher tulle with a larger spread is great for a blusher because it reveals more of your face but high quality microtulle will be soft and sweet for longer veils. If you want to switch up the texture of a traditional veil but you are a heart a pretty traditional girl you need not despair or start looking at swatches of pleather. Look to your gown for inspiration. If you have a flowy A-Line like this Amsale with a pretty belt then keep your veil long and strong using fabrics such as silk or chiffon. They will also flow prettily from the back of your head. Unfortunately this does kind of make a blusher not an option, and heavier fabrics do make for a weightier veil but cascading from an updo, a silk or chiffon veil is absolutely stunning. If you are even more adventurous then go to your local fabric store and explore all the option. Start at felt and end at fur! Just remember that you do have to bear the weight of the veil and that might mean a lot of hairspray or a shorter veil but that’s a small price to pay for expressing yourself on your walk down the aisle!