Red Roses… Perfect for Your Wedding, Right?

Think red roses are overdone? We hear that. But even for the nontraditional bride, there are a million ways to use these traditional flowers.

Red Rosses for Wedding Flowers
Not only are red roses simply beautiful, they are also very symbolic, known to represent love and perfection.

There is a reason why red roses are still the flower of choice for those in love. Roses are regal and elegant. Long stemmed and devoid of thorns, a perfectly groomed red rose is the picture of perfection. Unfortunately, it can seem totally overdone. Roses are everywhere and they are expensive so they can seem uncreative and a pain instead of classic and timeless. Deep in your heart though, if you love red roses, there are still ways to bypass their image. Here are some creative ways to work red roses into your wedding.

Firstly, try an attitude adjustment on yourself. Remember the symbolism behind a long-stemmed red rose. It is ethereal and singular and it symbolizes a long standing commitment as well as deep seated passion. That’s what marriage is about so in a lot of ways, red roses are so overplayed because they are so perfect. If you want to cover a venue in red roses with your newfound revelation though, it still doesn’t change the fact that they cost a fortune. Instead, try to concentrate a large amount of red roses in one place so that they act like a centerpiece. Fill one entire table with roses in different colored vases and place that table near the cake or in the middle of the room. Use roses to create a photo backdrop or twine them around an altar so you can get married under them. Because red roses are so expensive it’s hard to use them on every table or in every decoration but they are also so beautiful that they are easy to turn into a standalone kind of decorative piece. Use your imagination, hang roses from modern glassware atop the bar or get wild with your bridal bouquet.

Whether you wear them in your hair or use them to serve as punch ladles, roses can definitely be a part of your wedding without being too overdone.

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