Your Beautiful New Wedding Ring

No longer a single lady, it’s time to show off that bling!

Wedding Rings Photography
Wedding rings are a very symbolic part of marriage, so wear yours with pride. Oh, and don’t forget to get great shots of your marriage bands on your wedding day!

When you first get engaged and slip that brand new shiny rock on to your hand, don’t walk but run to the nail salon. As soon as the news of your newfound happiness breaks your hands are going to get the most attention they have ever gotten because everybody’s first question will be, “can I see your ring?”. It’s not a bad problem to have (as long as you have a good manicurist) and you hopefully won’t get too tired of gushing over the perfect setting you’ve always dreamed of. While you might get used to your engagement ring eventually and your wedding band might already start to feel comfortable mere hours after you start wearing it, you will want to remember how special and new it feels right now. Capture the way you get giddy every time you feel this new weight on your fingers by getting your photographer to pay some special attention to your wedding and engagement rings.

A picture or pictures of the rings is an essential wedding photography shot. It’s not just about capturing how shiny and new your rings used to be but also about being able to show them off to one and all. Many photographers choose to frame the photo with three rings: your engagement ring and both yours and your partner’s wedding bands. This is a sentimental and touching photo. Try this shot with lots of different backgrounds. Rings are small so they give you a lot of creativity when trying to frame them perfectly. Also because rings are so reflective they will give off dazzling inner light making the photographer’s job a little bit easier. Some great ways to photograph rings incorporate your cake or flowers or some element of your wedding decor. This is delightful especially because it incorporates other ephemeral parts of your wedding.

Play around with different backgrounds and different ways of framing the rings on and off your finger because although diamonds last forever, it’s nice to remember how you felt when you first got them.

Image license: iStockphoto (view source)