Save Your Bouquet With a Photoshoot

While your love might last forever, your bridal bouquet unfortunately will not. In fact, your bridal bouquet might not even make it through the night as will be tossed to the masses and turned into a good luck charm for the next blushing bride.

Bride's bouquet

You might never see your bridal bouquet again which is bittersweet considering you put so much time and effort into getting it just right. A good way to remember your bouquet and honor the commitment you made by choosing every individual flower is to make sure you capture it on film! Get your photographer on board with the idea that it’s not just the actual moments of your wedding that are precious and could be forgotten but also the fruits of your labor. You probably spent more than a year planning the details of your wedding and maybe even longer conceptualizing them. While objects aren’t as important as people or memories, that doesn’t mean that they are completely not worth remembering or documenting. Get photographs of all your hard work and planning! Especially your florals since they are the first to go. While your bridal bouquet will probably be captured as part of your walk down the aisle or as part of other photographs devote some extra special time and attention to capturing the bouquet itself. Especially with your dress or as part of a portrait of you as a bride. Use your venue and other props such as a vase or decadent tablescape to fully capture the beauty of the bouquet you so painstakingly picked out. Take photos in color and in different lights because this is the best your flowers will ever look. Pay attention to not only the colors of the flowers but also to the shapes, sizes and arrangements. If you have added any sentimental embellishments make sure to retrieve them before you toss the bouquet and to highlight them on the camera roll.

If only we could find a way to bottle the smell of your wedding bouquet, everything would be perfect.