Don’t Forget! Photograph Your Gown Before Wearing

One of our favorite wedding photography must have shots is off the wedding gown before it is on the bride.

It is hanging looking beautiful and eager and as a bridal store we know how different a dress can look on and off the hanger. Build suspense by photographing and therefore remembering your dress before you put it on. It will remind you of the way the dress looked on the rack before you ever bought it and it stands to symbolize that this day and this moment has not yet occurred. A picture of that dress on the hanger is the last moment of being alone for you and it’s one worth treasuring and remembering. When we’ve placed such lofty expectations on a photo, you’ve got to make sure it’s picture perfect!

woman shopping for wedding outfit in bridal boutique

There are a lot of different ways to get this shot but make sure you have discussed with your photographer that you want him or her to get it. It is a staple wedding shot but it can also be easily forgotten as you are also very much looking forward to putting the dress on! You don’t want to have to take it off just and risk ruining your hair and makeup to have this photo. So let your photographer know so she can think of some creative ideas and so she can keep it in mind. She has a little less on her mind than you do and knowing what shots to get and when is a part of her job. As with all other wedding related tasks research online and in bridal magazines is always a good idea. The best advice for getting a lovely photograph of your dress is to incorporate the venue and the “props” you have available to you.

Try different kinds of light and ways of holding up your dress to find a way to showcase its every beautiful detail. Don’t forget to send us the pictures too!