Not Your Parents Elopement

Couple eloping near the ocean
Intimate small beach wedding

Elopement used to be a dirty word but it’s really starting to take on a new meaning.

In literature and movies the characters who elope usually do so out of shame and guilt. They alienate themselves from loved ones, friends and family and are often never heard from again until they surface from the wrecked ruins of the illicit affair. Elopement has come to have scary and demeaning connotations because of this, but these days couples are reviving the tradition and breathing sweet new life into it.

Elopements are no longer your dirty secret, instead they are basically just code for a very small and intimate wedding. One key to an elopement seems to still be some modicum of secrecy but only because elopements are so small that not many people can be involved. People are beginning to be more understanding of the bride or groom who wants to celebrate their love and join their union in a very discreet and private manner.

Elopements may involve one or two witnesses, perhaps parents or friends but they usually involve only the bride and groom. Elopements are the answer to getting rid of elaborate weddings with years of planning because you don’t need to send a save-the-date card to anyone but city hall. Although that doesn’t mean that you get married at the courthouse in your jeans. Elopements can still be elegant and many brides are choosing that option.

This quiet ceremony can take place anywhere from the most scenic and distant of locations to your living room. It can also involve a small meal after the ceremony to include the nearest and dearest or perhaps be an exquisitely catered affair for you and your new husband. Elopements can be extremely stylized and in a lot of ways cost just as much as a wedding but you do have the most amount of freedom any wedding planning could offer.

Without needing to save room in your wedding budget for favors or tableware, an elopement could be for you. But just remember, that also means less gifts!

Image Credit: Cayobo on Flickr