Musical Chairs, Have You Decided On the Musical Entertainment for Your Wedding Yet?

There are so many options for music at your wedding and so many ripe opportunities for it. When and what will you choose?

Wedding Reception Deejay
Hiring a professional deejay for your wedding is a great idea, as he will often have access to thousands of songs on-demand.

There are a myriad of options when it comes to music for your wedding. You could choose to hire a live band, have a DJ or even do it yourself! There also a lot of times during your wedding that are appropriate for music so it takes some planning to get the timing and type of music right. How do you figure out what you want and when you want it? Forethought of course!

Your reception is probably the place where music will be most important. A reception is usually downtime where you can mingle with your guests and let everyone share in on the ecstatic happiness you feel post-wedding. Many receptions involve dancing and if you are planning for yours consider having a DJ for the most flexibility. Live bands can be great but limiting by their talents and songbook. A DJ might also be more conducive to dancing whereas a live band might be more conducive to having an experience or adding ambience to your reception. A reception is not the only place for music though. You could have music before your ceremony as your guests sit themselves and await your entrance, you could have music accompanying your walk down the aisle (and it need not be the wedding march) and you could even have music during the ceremony itself! Anytime is a good time for some tunes. For music during the ceremony it might be too distracting or impersonal to have outsiders such as a live band or a DJ.

If you have talented friends though they might be willing to or able to sing or play an instrument during your ceremony. This can be an incredible honor and a wonderful way to make your ceremony more inclusive. If you don’t know anyone with such talents or wouldn’t want to trouble someone you could DJ yourself! You could choose songs ahead of time and have someone willing to just hit “play” at the right moments.

Video Clip: Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler

Having so many option can seem really overwhelming at first but enjoy the freedom of all the possibilities! Mix and match to create the best experience for you.

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