E-Yes! Online Invitations for Your Wedding?

Online invitations may seem informal or difficult but there is a case to be made for how speedy, convenient and eco-friendly they are.

Evite.com Wedding Invitations
These are a few samples of e-vite wedding invitations provided by evite.com that can be selected and customized online.

A lot of brides find online invitations to be tacky or informal and with good reason but as technology evolves at lightning speed we think they are worth reconsidering. Online invitations now have fancy designs and software that make them beautiful works of art, instead of looking like cheaply made greeting cards. Online invitations have a lot of pros and the modern bride might begin to seriously consider them. The best case to be made for them is that they are extremely convenient in numerous ways, they are faster than the postal service and of course they are super eco-friendly!

Almost everyone is online today; the internet has truly become a democracy without regard for age, race, class or gender. Planning a big wedding especially becomes easy with the wealth of online resources and tools such as online invitations. Online invitations usually come with software or ways to quickly generate a guestlist saving you an extra step. This guestlist is not only created for you but then becomes live with simple management of RSVP statuses, extra guests and any changes. With this kind of real-time updating the online guest list can go anywhere with you and your guests can respond easily and as soon as possible which always great news for the hectic bride! Online invitations are also a lot easier to keep track of and control.

Without sheaves of paper and envelopes everywhere but just a screen with an easily manipulated user interface you can add, delete and customize your invitations however you want. Online invitations give you a lot of control and power over every step of the process and that is always a good feeling. One of the biggest draws for switching to online invitations is that it’s great for planet Earth. Without any paper you don’t have to worry about the reply cards or menu options burning down the rainforest. Just a little bandwith and you will be doing your part for the environment.

If you’re still unconvinced you don’t have to make the switch whole-heartedly. You could just have your save-the-dates or reply cards as online functions. There is a lot of wiggle room.

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