Spotlight on Veils: Short-length

If you’re still undecided on a veil, this spotlight showcase one our best-selling veils paired with one of our favorite dresses! If you are decided on having a short veil this is the spotlight for you.

Check out one of our Spotlight long veils!

If you’re getting the hang of it but a a mid-length veil isn’t for you then you might be a fan of birdcage veils or fascinators. There can be a large selection of short veils though, some with blusher components and some without so the terrain can still be tricky to navigate. We’ve chosen one of our best-selling short veils as an example to illustrate how sexy and alluring they can be and paired it with one of our most vivacious new arrivals for a stunning combination.

French Net Birdcage Veil
This French Net Birdcage Veil is perfect example of everything that makes a short veil so great. It has a retro style but at the same time it manages to look very modern and chic. This kind of veil is perfect for a city wedding or night-time soiree. With this kind of veil an updo is spectacularly high-lighted. Short veils look fantastic with short-hair also. Short haircuts are usually a style in themselves so show off that style with a short veil instead of hiding it behind a long veil. A short veil, especially with a component that covers your face can be incredibly alluring in that “peekaboo” sort of way. What takes this veil over the top is the two feather fascinators that are attached. Feathers are sexy without being too much. They make a glamorous statement but they don’t overpower the dress. After all, what could overpower this Maggie Sottero A-Line? What it lacks in glitz it makes up for in elegance. This dreamy dress is fit for the runway with its impeccable draping. The silhouette is reminiscent of times gone by, much like the shorter veil, but it still has the pizzazz of contemporary design. This simplicity makes it perfect for the birdcage veil. Paired together this combination will recall old Hollywood glamor but nobody will ever forget you!
French Net Birdcage Veil
French Net Birdcage Veil

Short veils can feel like a strong commitment as your face and hair are bared, but embrace it for a bold look. The aforementioned Maggie Sottero gown will take care of the rest.