Bridal Veils of All Sizes

A primer on veils of all sizes: tiers and appliques are not to be forgotten!

Now that you know whether or not you want a wedding veil and know what kinds of factors go into that decision the first step to learning about veils is to talk lengths! Veils come in all different lengths and widths so remember to consider your dress, your wedding and your hairstyle when thinking about lengths.

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The most popular length of veils are “walking length”, headband or birdcage and then of course cathedral or chapel length. If you want a very long veil or a very short one, you have usually already decided or have some sort of predilection for one or the other. Most brides, and undecided brides, will fall somewhere in the middle. “Walking length” veils can be anywhere from ending at the elbow, shoulder, or waist. They are mostly just middling length. All veils, especially middle length veils, come in different widths. Instead of being cut straight-across many veils are cut in “U” or “V” shapes to not only complement your hair if worn loose but also to add some dimension to your dress. The gradation of this wave can be incredibly drastic with the highest point being near your neck and shoulders and the bottom of the “U” being as low as the waist. Middle length veils are very adaptable in that way. Birdcage veils, headbands and fascinators on the other hand have some variation in style but in length they don’t usually go past the ears. Birdcage veils are usually netted and cover the face in a coy fashion recalling fashion of earlier days. Fascinators and headbands usually do not have a blusher component, or any part that covers the face, but they make up for it with lots of style! Chapel length and cathedral length trains on the other hand tend not to have too many embellishments as they are so long and make a statement in that way. Chapel length trains are shorter than cathedral length, they probably go a few inches past the hemline of a floor length gown. Cathedral length trains are the longest and will trail out past your gown for that elegant, royal look.

While veils really come in all lengths, these are the basics. Think about the style of your dress and the kind of statement you want to make when choosing a veil. Consider longer veils for a more formal or romantic look and shorter if you want something modern or approachable.