Veiled Sentiments, A History of the Bridal Veil

Are veils old-fashioned or do they complete the bridal look? A history of veils to help you decide.

Wedding Veil History
Wedding veils have played an important role in weddings for a long time and they are the perfect accessory to any bride’s ensemble!

One of the embarrassing secrets of wedding history past is that modesty was a large concern. In fact, the idea of a white wedding was created to symbolize the virginity of the bride and many traditions were created around that. Prior to the use of wedding veils, brides used to wear their hair loose to symbolize their maidenhood and veils were added for emphasis. Veils, especially with a blusher (the front part which covers the face) became an important part of the marriage ceremony as the moment when the veil was lifted off the bride’s face indicated that her modesty had been attested for and was to be received by her husband. While this has evolved into a sentimental moment in many ceremonies, some argue that it symbolizes female oppression to continue this somewhat humiliating practice.

If you want to come away from any historical meaning, the use of a wedding veil can be purely aesthetic. We often find in the store that the veil completes the look of a dress because it has been a tradition for so long that we are accustomed to seeing a bridal gown accompanied by a veil. Without a veil bridal dresses can look incomplete and though they are only worn for a part of the ceremony, they seem to be a crucial part of the wedding day and of the wedding look. Veils can be used to create a big revelatory moment which can be not only a part of the ceremony to look forward to but really the crowning moment. If you are wearing a blusher, or even just a regular veil, when you take it off the wedding look completely changes. This could be used as a way to reveal your well done hair and makeup and can be a very emotional moment for everyone in attendance or it can later signify that the ceremony is over and that it is time to move on from the ceremony to the reception.

Whether you want to consider the history of veils or like them from a purely aesthetic standpoint they likely come in a variety of styles so you can find one that is right for you should you choose to wear one.

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