Vintage Wedding Gowns

Not vintage style, but actual vintage wedding gowns. Would you take the plunge?

Vintage Wedding Gown
When considering a vintage wedding gown you must first decide which era you’d like your dress to represent, then choose a length and neckline.

Vintage style wedding gowns are all the rage, especially with the upcoming release of Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”. 20s and 40s styled dresses are flying off the racks faster than designers can dream them up and more and more brides are searching for silhouettes of the past. Drapey A-Lines and delicate beading are in high demand as brides are searching for that perfect vintage flair. Of course, if you want a feathered train or fringe adorning your vintage style gown, sometimes the best way to go is the real way! Many websites and boutiques are dedicated to the sale and search for vintage wedding gowns. Would you go for it?

The pros of buying a vintage wedding gown are that they can be more affordable than a recent design or a brand new gown. Vintage gowns can be found anywhere from your local consignment shop to the back of a family member’s closet so the prices would follow suit. Unlike a designer boutique, vintage wedding gowns aren’t usually priced by retailers. Vintage wedding gowns are also really unique in that way. In an era of mass produced goods and commercial quantities, vintage wedding dresses are usually one of a kind or at least very rare. They become vintage by being from decades past and although this might mean they have been worn, they won’t usually be sold unless in great condition. If you want a dress like no other, vintage is a great way to go. A lot of the styles aren’t even being imitated anymore so you could truly have a very special wedding dress.

Unfortunately, there are some cons to having a vintage wedding dress as well. They can be hard to find without the right connections. Brides that chose to shop vintage usually have an acquired skill for hunting consignment stores or rooting out dresses that have long been in storage. It’s a practiced art and if you’re a newcomer, finding a vintage wedding dress might be a large task. Also, depending on the condition of the dress a vintage wedding gown could run large costs in alterations and cleaning.

If you’re up for the challenge though, buying a vintage wedding gown is a truly rewarding experience!

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