The Long and Short of It, Your Bridesmaids Gowns that Is!

You’ve thought about whether or not you want a short wedding dress but have you thought about your bridesmaids?

For most brides the decision about the length of their gown is easy. If you want a short dress you know it and are typically the exception to the rule as most women prefer long wedding gowns. (Although the trend is definitely starting to shift!) Have you thought about your bridesmaids’ dresses though? Again, typically bridesmaids dresses tend to be short so they are more low-maintenance and require less alterations but the trend is more evenly balanced in the case of bridesmaids dresses. While a majority of brides tend to opt for short bridesmaids dresses, more and more maxi dresses and floor length dresses are becoming the norm for bridesmaids dresses.

Bridesmaids in Pink
When it comes to picking bridesmaids dresses take into consideration several aspect, such as the person wearing the dress and the venue, i.e. indoor, outdoor, beach, grass, etc.

How do you know if you want long or short bridesmaids dresses?

The best answer is to think about your dress. Above all your bridesmaids dresses should complement your dress and your wedding. If you are in a full-skirt, high-drama gown then long dresses for your bridesmaids can actually create a very interesting silhouette. A full-skirted wedding gown extends horizontally so bridesmaids in long dresses adds a vertical element to the picture when you are all standing together. If your dress brings all the bling though keep your bridesmaids dresses simple, perhaps A-Line with an empire waist and a soft fabric such as chiffon? Long bridesmaids dresses are fashionable for a summer wedding but perhaps for practical for a fall or winter wedding? They also take some of the pressure off your bridesmaids for choosing matching shoes because long dresses don’t draw as much attention to the feet. If you are wearing an A-Line gown with a very long train then perhaps you don’t want your bridesmaids to also be wearing long dresses as now the picture is too vertical and there just seems to be an excess of fabric. Short bridesmaids dresses can call more attention to you so if you are choosing a more classic or simple gown let your girls step back and frame your dress by wearing shorter dresses themselves.

No matter what length you choose for your bridemaids consider that you will be photographed together–alot! Try to imagine in your head what that photo will look like and let that guide your decision.

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