Interesting Color Palettes to Consider for Your Wedding

White, pink, red…are you tired of ordinary color palettes for your wedding? Find something new, bright and bold!

You’ve probably heard time and again the importance of choosing a color palette for your wedding but what does that really mean? A color palette is a guide for the aesthetic of your wedding and choosing one will help make the entire process of planning your wedding easier. Invitations, your dress, tablecloths, everything comes in a huge variety of colors these days and if you decide on a color palette early on then every decision you make will be that much easier. It will also reassure you that your wedding will come together in some sort of cohesive and meaningful way. If you choose different colors for everything it might look slapdash or haphazard but with a streamlined color palette everything will come together effortlessly.

Wedding Color Palettes
Many aspects of your wedding can have a splash of color, including your gown, the ceremony, or place settings at dinner.

That being said, you’ve probably been to millions of weddings where the dominant colors were some variation of white and red or maybe pink and silver. If you’re a rock’n roll bride, we know that just won’t do! Fabricating a color palette out of thin air is daunting though, especially if all you know is that you want something different. You have to make sure the colors you chose will look good on a variety of surfaces and that they won’t clash with each other. Besides painstaking trial and error the other method to try is copy-and-paste. Look to your favorite sporting teams, colors found naturally together in nature, or at modern art to find color palettes that are not only pre-made but are fresh and funky!

Definitely get creative; don’t be afraid to mix and match! Just be sure to stick to your color palette throughout your wedding. From your wedding day mani to your napkin holders your color palette will be the glue that holds everything together.