Information about Wedding Videos and Why You Should Have One

Remember the sitcom cliche disaster of taping over a wedding video? These days you have nothing to fear if you want to have a wedding video.

It’s happened at least once in every one of your favorite sitcoms. The forgetful husband accidentally tapes the Celtics game over the wedding video and the wife is inconsolable when she finds out. Of course, in sitcoms the situation always ends well maybe with a well-timed punchline or flowers but in real life technology has solved all of your problems before they even happen! With the invention of DVR and back-ups your wedding video will remain forever safe, but does that mean you should get one? We think it’s worth your dollar.

Bride & Groom Cutting Cake
Having a videographer record the important moments of your wedding is a great way to save those memories for life.

Wedding videos are simple and safe now. There is no more bulky camera being lugged around the venue or a pushy videographer in your face asking you weird questions and interrupting intimate moments. Recording devices are now compact and discreet. With the right videographer, wedding videos are even beginning to look like a real art form!

The best thing about a wedding video is that it is an irreplaceable way to remember this special day. You can watch your wedding from the perspective of a guest. A very lovely, well-fed guest who didn’t feel all the tension, stress and worry that you were most likely feeling on your wedding day. After years have passed this video will alter your perception of the day and you will remember all the good times you may have missed. Wedding videos become treasured mementos to show to your children and future generations for their value will increase with each passing day.

It can seem like an added expense and if there’s no room in your budget for a separate photographer and videographer look for package deals or ask a friend for help. Quality isn’t incredibly important in these videos as long as you get a little glimpse of the important moments. You could trade expensive professional grade camera for a vintage home movie feel and still reap the rewards.

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