Should I get Engagement Photos for My Wedding?

Are engagement photoshoots trendy and overpriced or worth every dollar?

Engagement photos can mean a lot of different things. They can be pictures taken during your actual proposal–which is becoming more and more common or a professional photo shoot of you and your new husband to be. This can seem silly, time-consuming or wasteful to a lot of people but engagement photos certainly have their value.

Engagement Photoshoot
Having professionally taken pictures to commemorate your engagement is a great way to save those memories for life.

For starters, it marks a memorable occasion in your life. Engagements can last up to a year, if not longer so it can be nice to look back on engagement photos as the moment when this journey began. Planning a wedding is so stressful and it is only made more so by the fact that it is the first big challenge you will have to face as a future married couple. This can be a “make-it-or-break” period and engagement photos are a nice commitment saying that no matter what happens next you are very committed to being together. Engagement photos are also a great way to express yourself as a couple and to maybe make a statement as a couple for the first time. They are much more relaxed than wedding photos so you can wear anything you want, pose however you want and choose a location that is dear to you. You might pick the place you got engaged or keep things close to home but whatever your decision it reflects on what makes you special as a couple.

While hiring a photographer can be expensive and having photos printed is always arduous, engagement photos seem like a worthwhile investment. For starters many couples are incorporating these photos into their invitation suites perhaps as save the dates or they can be used as a greeting card or way of announcing your impending nuptials. After all, you can’t possibly invite everyone you have ever met to your wedding but sending the engagement photos is a nice way to share the joy and to say it with a personal touch.

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