Casual Hairstyles to Consider for Your Wedding

Elaborate up-dos and curls full of hairspray can seem really intimidating for the low maintenance bride, is there an alternative?

Casual Wedding Day Hairdo
Elaborate wedding day hairstyles are not for everyone, if you feel like doing something more casual, check out these ideas.

The thought of scheduling a separate hair and makeup appointment can seem daunting and expensive among all of the other important wedding tasks and expenses. After all, it’s just your hair, you see it everyday, does it really need it’s own special hour on your big day? On the one hand, your wedding day is very special and will be extremely carefully documented but on the other hand elaborate hair might not be a good representation of who you are and your personal style. We are all for DIY hairdos and casual wedding hair, especially for the bride on a budget.

Go au-naturel. This is our favorite option. Of course we think you should sleep on it and use day-old hair (save even more time on your wedding day!) because hair with a little bit of natural oils that has been touched usually has more volume and shine. We don’t mean completely au naturel but suggest argan oil for sheen and gentle finger combing to get a cool, tousled vibe. For a beach wedding in a stunning and simple A-Line, wavy natural locks are not gonna look no-effort at all.

If you are willing to put in a little effort though, then we suggest ponytails. The word ponytail might sound like the opposite of wedding but we don’t suggest you wear them like you’re headed to cheer practice! Ponytails can be very chic, especially if they are worn low. Our favorite ponytail trick is to conceal the elastic or ponytail holder with your own hair. Leave a luscious strand out of the ponytail and then wrap it around and over the elastic, pin in place and seal with hairspray. This pretty optical illusions makes you look like a hair professional. Plus in a strapless dress, a ponytail will feel like the perfect accessory.

So don’t worry about hair and makeup, you’ve got enough things to worry about. While perfect updos and shiny waves can seem important, your day should represent you best. Don’t be afraid of going casual with your wedding hairstyle, just wear it with a smile!

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