The Lone Bridal Gown Shopper

Going shopping for your wedding dress can be a fun experience you share with friends and family, but is bringing your bridal party always the best decisions?

Wedding Gown Shopping
Sometimes going wedding gown shopping on your own can be less stressful and more effective.

If you’ve ever watched even one episode of our television show, I Found the Gown, then you know that a bridal appointment is a big deal. There is a lot of planning involved about what you want to get out of your appointment, what you want to wear and the kinds of questions you want to ask and mostly, who you want to bring with you.

Many brides choose to bring one or two trusted friends, possibly their mother or future in-laws. If you have seen any other episode of any other reality television show about wedding gown shopping though then you know that not every appointment ends well. One of the most common mishaps at a bridal appointment is disagreement between the bride and her friends that can often turn bitter due to the high stakes of the situation. We’ve seen one too many brides leave in tears, and so we’ve begin to consider, for some people is it better to shop alone?

The pros of having someone come with you, even more than one person is that it can be really fun and they can offer a lot of support. Buying a wedding gown is a big decision not only because of the amount of money involved but because it is a gown you will have to live with for the rest of your life. That can seem daunting and it can be easier to divide up such a large task, but be careful to choose people who understand you and know what you want. Oftentimes friends and parents unconsciously choose dresses for themselves rather than for you so make sure your party has your best interests at heart.

A good way to test the waters might be to invite over your friends for some online shopping or a Pinterest session. If you find yourselves disagreeing and arguing a lot just over the internet, be careful of bringing them to the dressing room. What we can say in closing is that you’re never truly alone, we’re always here to help!