Tuxedo 101 – Attire for the Groom

By now you might know everything there is to know about wedding dresses, but how can you help your man? Here’s a crash course in tuxes.

Groom & Bride at Wedding
Dressing the groom isn’t always as easy as renting a nice tuxedo, one must consider the groom’s ensemble.

We’ve talked your ear off about dresses. We’ve talked cut, color, style, designers and some days even we think we’re running out of things to say. For the girl who knows everything, what do you know about tuxedos? Remember that your wedding day isn’t just about you looking your best, but also a chance for your better half to look better. If your man is clueless about formal wear or if you just want to get on his level, these basics will make you sound totally in-the-know.

For starters, although tuxedos are a traditional counterpart to wedding gowns, they aren’t for every man. Just as short wedding dresses and pantsuits are experiencing a renaissance so are sport coats and blazers. Especially for beachy or outdoor wedding ceremonies men are preferring lighter-weight jackets or eschewing the jacket altogether. A good rule of thumb for deciding whether or not a tux is right for your wedding is to consider the venue, the guestlist and of course your gown. A larger more formal venue will almost definitely call for a tuxedo as well a large guestlist filled with relatives and co-workers but if you choose a simple sheath or funky tea-length dress he’s more likely to get away with a patterned bowtie.

If you choose to go tuxedo, then you will be faced with an array of choices. Don’t get overwhelmed though and take it piece by piece. The most important component of a tuxedo is most likely the jacket. Like dresses, jackets come in many different styles, cuts and colors and the best way to decide is of course to try them on. We don’t think there are any superstitions about seeing your husband in a tux before the wedding, but if there are trust his instincts. As complicated as tuxedos might seem, when he’s got the right one on, he’ll know. Just like he did with you.

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