Wedding Day Superstitions

Bride pinning a blue pennant on her wedding dress
Something blue…
We’ve all heard the wedding day superstitions but how do you stay afloat? A little help on navigating these murky waters.

Make sure your groom doesn’t see you in your dress before the wedding! Don’t forget to wear something blue! Tuck a sugar cube into your glove to sweeten your union! Weddings are surrounded by superstition and depending on your personal beliefs can be tiring, exciting or a cause of concern. Many people shrug off superstitions and don’t believe in horoscopes but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s entirely your decision whether or not to observe.

The hardest thing about wedding planning, heck, the hardest thing about marriage is the number of people involved. Even if you aren’t superstitious your future partner could be or even the other way around. Either way conflict can arise. We advise that if your partner or his family have differing beliefs than you and you are not committed one way or the other to try your best observe or respect the tradition.

Many superstitions can be fun! For example, if you keep your wedding dress a secret then you can see a genuine look of surprise and delight on your future husband’s face when he sees you at the end of that long walk. Remember that heart-warming moment in the royal wedding when Will saw Kate for the first time? If you keep your groom from seeing you until the last possible moment we guarantee that you will take his breath away. (Especially in this Matthew Christopher Sheath.)

That’s an easy superstition to follow and something you could do even if you didn’t believe. What if you are faced with something a little more unseemly such as the English idea that finding a spider in your dress brings good luck? We recommend talking with family and friends to let them know of your beliefs and perhaps encouraging them not to surprise you with arachnids. On the same note, if you are the superstitious one in the family, your family and husband may appreciate the daily horoscope updates but remember not to push them to follow your traditions. As always, follow the golden rule!