Reality Bites – Wedding Related Reality TV Shows

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Don’t Miss Season 2 of I Found the Gown on TLC

Are you as addicted to reality television shows about weddings as we are? Here are a few we can’t turn off.

As you are probably aware we here at VOWS have our own reality wedding show on TLC called “I Found the Gown.” Of course we never get sick of re-runs and love filming new episodes at our store in Watertown but we have to say that we can’t get enough of reality wedding shows! There’s so much at stake, there is so much eye-candy and when we’re not updating our Pinterest board we’re setting our DVR to record!

One of our favorite shows is “Say Yes to the Dress” also on the TLC network. We feel a sense of camaraderie with fellow bridal salon, Kleinfeld’s and though we look at wedding dresses all day we can’t help it, we just want to see more! “Say Yes to the Dress” is addictive for the endless parade of designer dresses and also for the witty consultants who always know just the right thing to say to either make us nod fervently in agreement or laugh out loud.

When we want a bigger dose of bride-focused programming though we have to say we can’t wait for the new episodes of “Four Weddings”. This show is a wedding junkie’s goldmine. Not only are there four wedding gowns to obsess over but four entire weddings. Invitation suites, cakes, floral arrangements, we can’t get enough! “Four Weddings” is a great place to get ideas of what you might want your wedding to be like, or maybe what you know you absolutely don’t want in a wedding.

Of course, reality television is also about a little guilty pleasure and our guilty pleasure reality wedding show is “Bridezillas”. We’re lucky enough to not encounter too many Bridezillas in our day but we are always awed at the temper tantrums and catfighting on this show. Who can resist watching a total breakdown over hemlines? Maybe we like to watch this show because it reminds us to count our blessings!

What wedding reality television show is your favorite?